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Seaton Engineering Corporation is located on the eastern border of Washington in Spokane, WA.

The company was first organized in 1996. The primary product produced during the first years was microprocessor controlled instrument panels for Sport Aircraft that included all of the required flight instruments in a light weight removable pods.  Over the years other various electronic devices were developed and sold in the market place.

The new venture at this period in time has been, through observed necessity the reliability, size and weight reduction of control devices required for the modern day Sport and FAA approved aircraft. We have carefully reviewed products strapped with the problems of installing complex electrical wiring, bolting in large extruded aluminum heat sinks designed for wasted energy removal. We have examined the factors that extend installation time, affect weight and balance, and generate shorter (MTBF) Mean time Between Failures due to complexity.

Through these studies, we have engineered solutions to these problems with the development of the cost effect MaxPulse and MaxDim product line. These products insure optimum quality and service through extended MTBF, small size, light weight and coupled with simplified installation.

They are, powerful, and provide additional functions not found in similar products. Included in these products are functions such as logarithmic control of instrument panel lighting, multiple selections of pulsing periods for landing lights functions plus many other features.