Seaton Engineering Corporation is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Loon Lake, Washington.

Our goal has always been to provide the aviation industry with quality products at competitive prices. We strive to offer products that simplify the installation process and have exceptional functionality for the aircraft operator.

The company was first organized in 1996. The main product produced during those first few years was a microprocessor controlled instrument panel for Sport Aircraft which included all of the required flight instruments in light-weight removable pods. Over the years various other electronic devices were developed and sold within the aviation marketplace.

In 2007, a need was recognized to upgrade the way instrument panel and cabin lighting was controlled and Seaton Engineering introduced the MaxDim line of STC/PMA approved products that used PWM (pulse width modulation) for these needs. This allowed for a weight and size reduction of the controller as well as greatly increased the efficiency of the unit. This efficiency gain allowed the unit to operate without the need of a heat-sink as the units generate almost no heat and operate cool to the touch. These solid-state single and dual channel dimmers have operated in the marketplace ever since with outstanding reliability in both the OEM and retrofit market.

Shortly after the release of the MaxDim line of dimmers, the STC/PMA approved MaxPulse Landing Light Controller was introduced. This product allowed for the precise control of the landing light to allow it to flash at different rates of speed, allowing for the “Wig-Wag” effect. Increasing the visibility of the aircraft greatly increases the safety of the flight, especially in congested airspace. Seaton Engineering is proud to offer a product with such a safety benefit.

The next product introduction was the STC/PMA approved MiniDim line of panel dimmers. These grew out of a need for a different size enclosure for specific installation requirements. Available in single and dual configurations, these were an immediate hit within the marketplace.

The next product family introduced was the MicroDim line of uncertified dimmers. These are very small and were designed to fit in helicopter overheads. Their small footprint allows for their use in a great variety of applications with their primary market being experimental and home-built aircraft. Their ability to be tailored to the exact needs of the operator has been met with great excitement.

Through the years, Seaton Engineering has had the opportunity to work directly with many OEM’s, military and government suppliers, and private companies in many different markets to supply custom products to meet their needs. We have seen our products used in military vehicles and aircraft including NVG applications, installed in all types of medical transport, used in the civil marine industry, used in submarines, battleships and hovercraft, used in locomotives in the rail industry, and in the trucking industry.

To all of our satisfied customers, we say thank you for making our company a success!

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