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Released 1/09/09

The (AML) Approved Model List for the MaxDim 9100-001-A light dimmer has been expanded.
Included on the AML are Original Type Certificate Number:
  • Air Tractor A9SW-A17SW-A19SW
  • American Champion A3CE
  • Aviat A22NM
  • Bellanca A-773
  • Cessna 5A6-3A12-3A13-A9CE-A790-A00003SE
  • Cirrus Design Group A00009CH
  • DeHavilland/Bombardier A44EU
  • Diamond Aircraft Company TA4CH-A47CE
  • Partenavia A31EU
  • Piper A780-A797-1A2
  • Short Brothers A15EU
  • Stinson A767
  • Taylorcraft 2000 LLC 1A9-A696-A643-A699-A700-1A11
  • Thrush Aircraft A3SW-A4SW

For the complete MaxDim AML listing, available for download and printing, refer to the document section of this website.


Released 1/19/09

MaxDim approved to 'Terminate Action for Cessna AD 93-24-15'
FAA issues Seaton Engineering an AMOC (Alternate Method of Compliance) for the Cessna AD 93-24-15 that utilizes the Seaton Engineering FAA-PMA-STC MaxDim Dimmer control 9100-001-A as 'Termination Action for AD 93-24-15' and to fulfill the requirements of the AD. A copy of that AMOC is located in the document section of this website. It can be downloaded, printed and placed in the aircraft log book as FAA authorization for the installation of the MaxDim to comply with the AD.